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Namaste  I’m Stefanie and it’s my pleasure to meet you. I am a lightworker and spiritual life coach.

It’s a sad thing to recognize, that in our world, people are suffering, emotionally and spiritually. I myself, am no exception to that rule. In-fact, I think that everyone carries at least some pain or trauma, and this pain stifles and hinders us, as humans, from fully blossoming and actualizing our full potential, and living a harmonious and blissful life.

Please take a look at some of my videos just below. My deep wish and goal is to help to heal the world on an emotional and spiritual level. This is my deep passion and from life, trials and errors, I have discovered a deep array of techniques, and mindsets, that have helped me immensely in my life. And it is my great honor, and privilege to get to share some of those ideas with you.

Open your Heart Chakra with this Singing Bowl Sound Meditation at 341Hz