About - Stefanie Markson

Hi, I am Stefanie Markson.

I am Stefanie Markson.  I am a Life Coach for Spiritually Minded people who are ready to step into the life of their Dreams.

I struggled with Anxiety and Depression for most of My life.  At 16 I even tried to End it All. But what I really wanted was an end to the cycle of Suffering that I had known as long as I could remember.  I wanted the Pain to STOP. I wanted to believe that my Dreams of being Happy could be a reality.

I made it my Mission to Learn, to discover what it was that caused me to feel the way I did (Anxious, Panic Attacks, Depressed, Ill), and how to Live a Different way.  I knew in my Heart that there was more than Accepting Suffering was a part of life, and “just the way it is”.
I knew in my heart that I wanted to be truly Happy.

I wanted to have Peace in my Mind, Heart, and Life.  I wanted to be Excited to wake up in the Morning.  I wanted a Deep Love in my Life that was conscious and Deliberate.  I wanted to be My Fully Authentic Self, and Shine out in the world.  I wanted to Feel Purposeful.  I wanted to Feel Freedom in all Areas of my Life.  To Live from a place of True Inspiration.  I wanted to feel Connected to my Spirituality and Live from my Truths.

I wanted to Learn how to Create my Dream Life and teach others to do the same for themselves.

Now I am living that life!  I am living in the sunshine with my amazing partner.  I Feel happy and excited each day to get up.  I am Passionate to share these tools with people that have the true desire to Change Their Life so they can also Step Into The Life of their Dreams.
It is my Mission to help You to Create The Life of Your Dreams.  To let go of whatever is no longer serving you.  I will help you to see and release your old blocks, and To change Your beliefs and thoughts to attract and live the life you have always Dreamed of.
I know it’s possible for you, because If I could do it, you sure as Shit Can too!